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5.2 (2024-06-07)

  • Added RegionRenderer.copy() and RegionRenderer.unregister methods to allow modifying existing renderers without having to reach into internal attributes. Refactored the internals to make client code fail early and loudly if it tries to use old ways.

5.1 (2024-06-06)

  • Tweaked the tree changelist background stripes to also show some of the hierarchy.

  • Replaced the unicode icons with material icons, they work everywhere.

  • Fixed the width of icons in plugin inlines.

  • Added the ability to add plugins to the renderer which aren’t fetched from the database. This is especially useful when used with the JSON plugin from django-json-schema-editor.

5.0 (2024-06-03)

  • Renamed the internal root middleware response to UseRootMiddlewareResponse so that it can be used in advanced or exotic scenarios to allow the root middleware to run even after views return a 404 response.

  • Switched from ESLint to biome.

  • Changed the move node interface to a cut-paste based interface which works directly in the admin changelist.

  • Changed the TreeAdmin list_display and list_display_links to be more useful by default.

4.6 (2024-02-26)

  • Added Python 3.12, Django 5.0.

  • Updated the signature of bundled render_* functions in feincms3.plugins to also accept a (for now optional) context parameter. Previously those functions were not directly usable with RegionRenderer.register.

  • Move form: Use a potentially restricted ModelAdmin.get_queryset method instead of the default model manager to generate potential targets.

  • Improved the test coverage a bit.

4.5 (2023-11-01)

  • Extended |translations to with the option to pass an alternative value for settings.LANGUAGES as a second argument.

  • Stopped automatically sizing the CKEditor on startup; it was always wrong when using custom CSS.

  • Enabled the source button now that we’re using the classic CKEditor again.

  • Restructured the private methods for clash checking so that feincms3-sites and feincms3-language-sites can also narrow the applications check to their needs.

4.4 (2023-09-25)

  • Added the AbstractPageQuerySet.applications which makes it easier to prepare a list of applications in the format apps_urlconf expects.

  • Updated the CKEditor 4 script to the last open source version.

  • Changed back to the classic CKEditor 4. It is with a heavy heart that I have to declare bankruptcy for the inline approach. Overriding the Django admin CSS is too cumbersome and has too many edge cases. You can revert to the old behavior by changing setting FEINCMS3_CKEDITOR_URL and FEINCMS3_CKEDITOR_CONFIG to the appropriate values. If you haven’t customized the CKEditor you do not have to change anything. Future versions of feincms3 may switch to a different editor altogether, since CKEditor 5 is a complete rewrite with a different license and CKEditor 4 uses a paid LTS model (which I totally understand, no hard feelings at all).

  • Dropped support for Python 3.8.

4.3 (2023-09-04)

  • Fixed a JS crash when using the collapsible nodes functionality with paginated changelists.

  • Enabled configuring collapsible nodes.

  • Added a very visible warning to the HTMLInline since the CMS cannot really help editors when using the plugin.

  • Declared our dependency on asgiref>=3.6.

4.2 (2023-08-21)

  • Added Python 3.11.

  • Added more ruff rules.

  • Added support for collapsing tree nodes in the TreeAdmin. Initially show only the two topmost levels.

4.1 (2023-07-28)

  • Added a reverse_passthru_lazy helper.

  • Made RegionRenderer check the API of renderers upon registration.

  • Added Django 4.2a1 to the matrix.

  • Improved the ‘page type exists already’ wording a bit.

  • Fixed an alignment issue when using the inline CKEditor inside a tabular inline.

  • Renamed the PluginNotRegistered exception to PluginNotRegisteredError to make pep8-naming happy. The old name still exists.

  • Fixed an alignment issue when using the inline CKEditor in the Django 4.2 admin.

  • Updated the required django-tree-queries version to avoid a boolean trap linting error.

4.0 (2022-09-28)

  • Added Django 4.1 to the CI matrix.

  • Specified a custom plugin button for the old richtext plugin.

  • Changed the linked CKEditor version to 4.19.1.

  • Added flake8-bugbear.

  • Suppressed the rendering of the “Save as new” button in the move form.

  • Added the render_regions hook to the RegionRenderer.

  • Added **kwargs to Snippet.register_with.

  • Changed the upload_to value of images to a version which is less likely to produce collisions.

  • Stopped importing feincms3.plugins.richtext unconditionally, it depends on html-sanitizer.

3.6 (2022-05-12)

  • Fixed the APPEND_SLASH handling to also use request.path_info, not request.path.

  • Added support for embedding YouTube shorts when using feincms3.embedding.

  • Added autogenerated API documentation for the template tags and the old_richtext plugin to the docs.

3.5 (2022-04-11)

  • Changed the feincms3 code to not generate feincms3 deprecation warnings (only in the testsuite, for compatibility). Changed Snippet.register_with to use the new region renderer API. Changed Regions to use render_plugin instead of render_plugin_in_context.

  • Changed TreeAdmin.indented_title to ellipsize super-long titles by default.

  • Added a system check which verifies that page types have distinct keys.

  • Imported the old_richtext module to feincms3.plugins as long as it is available.

  • Changed the linked CKEditor version to 4.18.0.

  • Added APPEND_SLASH handling to the middleware created by feincms3.root.middleware.create_page_if_404_middleware(). This has to be done explicitly because valid page paths aren’t resolvable when using a middleware.

3.4 (2022-03-10)

  • Added a system check verifying that the appropriate unique_together value is set when using the LanguageAndTranslationOfMixin.

  • Added a system check for the app_name value of application URLconf modules.

  • Added a system check for the values of MenuMixin.MENUS.

  • Slowly start deprecating the TemplateMixin. (It probably won’t go away for a long time.)

3.3 (2022-03-03)

  • Changed the root middleware to not act on 404 responses generated by views, only on 404 responses generated by resolver failures.

  • Removed two deprecated PageTypeMixin properties (application and app_instance_namespace).

  • Added a {% maybe_target_blank url %} template tag which helps with adding target="_blank" rel="noopener" to the template when opening third party links, if you really need this.

3.2 (2022-03-01)

  • Added a fallback keyword argument to reverse_app(), reverse_any() and reverse_passthru() which offers an easy way to avoid the NoReverseMatch exception when a fallback value is actually OK. This can be used to avoid the reverse_fallback() wrapper.

  • Upgraded a few code patterns in the docs to use recommended functionality.

  • Changed the guides to nudge people towards using middleware instead of catch-all URLconf patterns.

  • Renamed feincms3.incubator.root to feincms3.root.middleware and renamed feincms3.incubator.root_passthru to feincms3.root.passthru, thereby making them officially supported.

3.1 (2022-03-01)

  • Changed the link color in the inline CKEditor to be readable in dark mode.

  • Added a direct dependency on django-js-asset (django-content-editor already depends on it so it’s nothing new) and fixed a deprecation warning in our usage.

  • Added a system check for ApplicationType instances which errors out if the referenced URLconf modules cannot be imported.

  • Added a few style resets for CKEditor 4 popups so that it works better in the Django admin’s dark mode.

  • Added a fallback to feincms3.pages.AbstractPage.get_absolute_url() which returns the page’s path prefixed with the script prefix if reversing the URL fails.

  • Changed the “Build your CMS” guide to recommend a middleware instead of URLs and views.

  • Added the feincms3.incubator.root and feincms3.incubator.root_passthru modules which support using middleware to render pages.

  • Changed the linked CKEditor version to 4.17.2.

3.0 (2022-02-09)

2.1 (2022-01-13)

  • Exposed the list of content editor regions on Regions as regions. Raised the minimum django-content-editor version to 6.0.

2.0 (2022-01-03)

  • Added pre-commit.

  • Dropped compatibility with Python < 3.8, Django < 3.2.

  • Changed the linked CKEditor version to 4.17.1.

  • Fixed the move form CSS when used with Django 4.0. It’s not consistent yet but better.

1.0 (2021-12-03)

  • Fixed a Python 3.8-ism.

  • Added a params parameter to feincms3.plugins.external.oembed_json() which allows overriding values sent to the oEmbed provider.

  • Added a force_refresh parameter to feincms3.plugins.external.oembed_json() which allows forcibly refreshing the cached oEmbed data.

  • Added a threadlocal cache to apps_urlconf which allows calling apps_urlconf several times without producing database queries over and over.

  • Added Python 3.10 to the CI.

  • Changed LanguageAndTranslationOfMixin.translation_of to use a TreeNodeForeignKey so that the hierarchy is shown when using a dropdown.

  • Raised the minimum version of django-content-editor to 5.0.

0.94 (2021-09-29)

  • Inline CKEditor: Dropped the admin jQuery dependency for real.

  • Started using pyupgrade for the Python code.

  • Added Django 4.0a1 to the CI matrix.

  • Added a way to configure the inline CKEditor through Django settings.

0.93 (2021-09-20)

  • Changed feincms3.embedding.embed_youtube() to append ?rel=0 to the YouTube embed URL which should hopefully suppress recommendations when the embedded video ends.

  • Slightly backwards incompatible: Dropped the Noembed validation from the default feincms3.plugins.external admin inline. Renamed the (undocumented!) ExternalForm to NoembedValidationForm.

  • Raised the versions of required dependencies to recent versions, especially django-tree-queries to include a fix for the upcoming Django 4.0.

  • Inline CKEditor: Changed the CDN URL to reference CKEditor 4.16.2.

  • Inline CKEditor: Changed the JavaScript code to not hard-depend on jQuery.

0.92 (2021-06-09)

  • Raised the minimum version of django-content-editor to 5.0a3 to take advantage of the bundled Material Icons library. Added default icon specifications to all plugins’ inlines.

  • Fixed a bug where feincms3.plugins.richtext wasn’t available when django-ckeditor wasn’t installed despite no longer depending on it anymore.

0.91 (2021-05-28)

Inline CKEditor widget

This release deprecates the django-ckeditor integration of feincms3 and officially introduces a new rich text widget which uses the inline mode of CKEditor 4. It looks better and avoids the scrollable text area inside the (scrollable!) content editor.

  • Moved the inline CKEditor out of the incubator. It is a good idea and we should commit to supporting it.

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: The feincms3.plugins.richtext plugin has been replaced by a widget using an inline CKEditor instance. The new field looks better and doesn’t depend on django-ckeditor anymore. The CKEDITOR_CONFIGS setting from django-ckeditor isn’t used anymore either, so if you reconfigured the rich text editor you’ll have to update the configuration again. The old plugin is still available as feincms3.plugins.old_richtext for the time being.

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: The feincms3.cleanse module has been deprecated. The inline CKEditor includes the cleansing functionality too.

  • Inline CKEditor: Updated the CKEditor CDN URL to include the 4.16.1 patch release.

  • Removed django-ckeditor from the all extra of feincms3. This means that installing feincms3[all] doesn’t automatically install django-ckeditor anymore.

0.90 (2021-04-27)

This release contains a few backwards-incompatible changes which are the result of efforts to produce a better foundation and fix oversights towards a 1.0 release of feincms3.

Page types

Introduced the concept of page types. Merged the functionality of TemplateMixin and AppsMixin into a new PageTypeMixin and removed AppsMixin. Editors do not have to choose a template anymore when activating an app. The latter overrides the former selection anyway. Also, this allows using a custom selection of regions per application.

The following steps should be followed to upgrade existing sites:

  • Create an automatic migration for the pages app.

  • Edit the generated migration; create the page_type field first, and insert a RunSQL migration with the following SQL next: UPDATE pages_page SET page_type=CASE WHEN application<>'' THEN application ELSE template_key END.

  • Ensure that the app_instance_namespace is renamed to app_namespace using a RenameField operation.

  • Remove template_key from any code and replace application with page_type in the model admin configuration.

  • Convert the entries in your TEMPLATES list to TemplateType instances, convert APPLICATIONS to ApplicationType instances and add both to a new TYPES class-level list. Note that those applications do not have any regions by default at all.

  • The .template attribute of page classes does not exist any longer, to access e.g. the template_name replace page.template.template_name with page.type.template_name.

  • Replace uses of page.application with page.page_type, page.app_instance_namespace with page.app_namespace. Properties mapping the former to the latter will stay in place for a release or two but they are already deprecated.

Other backwards-incompatible changes

  • Added alternative_text and caption fields to the image and the external plugin. Made both plugins prefer the caption in __str__.

  • Dropped the django-versatileimagefield-based image plugin.

  • Removed the shims in feincms3.apps.

  • Standardized max_length values of CharField instances.

  • Changed the snippet plugin to no longer try to render templates not in the TEMPLATES list. This means that you can just remove templates from TEMPLATES and not worry about database contents referencing templates which could have been removed in the meantime in the base case.

Minor changes

  • Tried out a web-based translation platform. It wasn’t exactly a big success, but we gained a few translations. Thanks to all contributors!

  • Added a system check for page subclasses without the appropriate ordering definition.

  • Changed the docs so that AbstractPage always comes before mixins so that AbstractPage’s Meta properties are actually inherited by default.

  • Changed the docs to recommend HttpResponseRedirect for the feincms3.mixins.RedirectMixin redirect, not the redirect shortcut. The latter may crash if the redirect_to_url doesn’t look like a URL.

  • Removed useless fallbacks.

  • Fixed background colors in the move form to work with Django admin’s dark mode.

  • Added a feincms3/static-path-style.js script which automatically reduces the opacity of the path field unless the path is defined manually.

  • Introduced an experimental inline CKEditor field.

  • Raised the minimum django-content-editor version to 4.1 to take advantage of content_editor.models.Type.

0.41 (2020-11-28)

  • Switched from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.

  • Dropped the custom CKEditor activation JavaScript, django-ckeditor does all we need already.

0.40 (2020-09-30)

  • Changed the move form styling (hide the radio inputs and use background colors, stripes to visualize the tree structure better.

  • Added a warning when trying to move a node but there are no valid targets.

  • Fixed the move form widget in the responsive layout.

  • Avoided removing the parent node from the move form when moving the first child.

  • Added a get_redirect_url to the RedirectMixin which returns the target URL or None.

  • Added the feincms3.utils.is_first_party_link() utilty.

0.39 (2020-09-25)

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: AbstractPageManager has been removed. You should subclass the feincms3.pages.AbstractPageQuerySet instead and use the queryset’s .as_manager(with_tree_fields=True) classmethod to generate a manager which adds tree fields to select queries by default. If you didn’t use the AbstractPageManager in your code directly you don’t have to do anything.

  • Started requiring django-tree-queries>=0.4.1.

  • Completely reworked the page move form; allow directly specifying the new position.

0.38.1 (2020-09-23)

  • The method has been moved to a new feincms3.pages.AbstractPageQuerySet. If subclassing the queryset you should re-create the page manager using pages.AbstractPageManager.from_queryset(<your new subclass>).

  • Made render_in_context() create its own Context if the context passed is None.

0.37 (2020-09-10)

  • Changed feincms3.applications.page_for_app_request() to only use active pages by default. This change should mostly not change anything since apps_urlconf() and therefore apps_middleware() only add active applications anyway.

  • Upgraded prettier and ESLint to recent versions.

  • Added some code to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo without requiring oEmbed.

  • Dropped compatibility with Python 3.5.

0.36 (2020-08-07)

  • Switched from url() to re_path() in apps_urlconf() to avoid deprecation warnings.

  • Removed the limitation that apps could not have descendants in a page tree. There may be valid use cases for this, especially if an apps’ URLconf module does not handle all paths.

0.35 (2020-07-28)

  • (not yet) BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE Moved the feincms3.apps module to feincms3.applications. The reason for this change is that Django 3.2 will start autodiscovering app configs and therefore automatically loads the .apps submodule of all entries in INSTALLED_APPS. This leads to a crash when the .apps module contains models (such as our AppsMixin). feincms3.apps isn’t populated from Django 3.2 upwards because of this.

  • Fixed an infinite recursion crash when referencing pages using on_delete=SET_NULL

  • Added a LanguageAndTranslationOfMixin which not only allows defining the language of objects but also defining objects to be translations of other objects.

  • Added a |translations filter to the template tag library. Added a section about generating a language selector containing deep links to the multilingual sites guide guide.

  • Added Travis CI jobs for Django 3.1b1 and Python 3.8.

  • Renamed the main branch to main.

  • Removed all arguments to super() since we’re Python 3-only.

  • Dropped workarounds for the removal of django.utils.six and python_2_unicode_compatible from the testsuite. They were only required for our dependencies, not for feincms3 itself.

0.34 (2020-06-05)

  • Removed mentions of Python 2 compatibility in the docs.

  • Allowed using render_list with lists, not only querysets.

  • Dropped compatibility with Django<2.2 in accordance with the official Django releases support policy.

  • Replaced url() with re_path() which avoids a few deprecation warnings.

0.33 (2019-12-16)

  • Changed Regionscache_key argument handling to allow disabling caching by returning a falsy value.

  • Added the feincms3.renderer.render_in_context utility.

  • Verified compatibility with Django 3.0.

  • Made the TemplateMixin.template property fall back to the first template in TEMPLATES if the specific template could not be found or does not exist.

  • Fixed another path uniqueness validation problem where pages having descendants with static paths could not be saved.

0.32 (2019-09-20)

  • Changed app_instance_namespace to blank=True to make it clear what the default value is.

  • Fixed a possible path uniqueness problem with descendants with static paths.

  • Dropped Python 3.4 compatibility.

0.31 (2019-05-14)

  • Added copying of handler400, handler403, handler404 and handler500 from ROOT_URLCONF to the URLconf module created by apps_urlconf.

Removed all deprecated features

  • The AppsMiddleware alias for apps_middleware has been removed.

  • The feincms3.incubator module has has been removed including subrenderers.

  • The depth and cte_path attributes of AbstractPage have been removed. Those helped with the transition from django-cte-forest to django-tree-queries almost one year ago.

  • TemplatePluginRenderer.regions() and feincms3.renderer.Regions are replaced by feincms3.regions.Regions. Region timeouts must be specified when instantiating the feincms3.regions.Regions object and cannot be specified when rendering individual regions anymore.

  • The feincms3_apps and feincms3_renderer template tag libraries have been replaced by a single feincms3 tag library.

0.30 (2019-03-18)

  • Fixed overflowing tree structure boxes in the TreeAdmin.

  • Switched to emitting DeprecationWarning warnings not Warning, even though their visibility sucks.

  • Added a languages argument to reverse_app which allows overriding languages and their order.

  • Made TreeAdmin and MoveForm only require that the default manager is a TreeQuerySet and not that the model itself also extends TreeNode.

  • Made plugin_ckeditor.js's dependency on django.jQuery explicit. This is necessary for Django 2.2’s new Media.merge algorithm.

0.29 (2019-02-07)

  • Deprecated the feincms3_apps and feincms3_renderer template tag library. render_region and reverse_app have been made available as feincms3. The render_plugin and render_plugins tags will be removed completely.

  • Changed feincms3.regions.matches to the effect that None has to be provided explicitly as an allowed subregion if items with no subregion attribute should be matched too.

  • Removed an use of six which is unnecessary now that we only support Python 3.

  • Imported lru_cache from the Python library.

  • Replaced concrete_model calls to determine the concrete subclass of AppsMixin with capturing the model instance locally in the class_prepared signal handler.

  • Removed the now unused concrete_model and iterate_subclasses utilities.

  • Replaced two more occurrences of .objects with ._default_manager.

  • Deprecated accessing the backwards compatibility properties AbstractPage.depth and AbstractPage.cte_path.

  • Deprecated feincms3.apps.AppsMiddleware in favor of feincms3.apps.apps_middleware.

0.28 (2019-02-03)

  • (not yet) BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE Deprecated TemplatePluginRenderer’s regions method, the regions_class attribute and feincms3.renderer.Regions. Introduce the more versatile feincms3.regions.Regions class instead which also replaces the feincms3.incubator.subrenderer functionality and does not suffer from a software design problem where the regions and the renderer classes knew too much about each other. This has been bothering me for a long time already but became impossible to overlook in the subrenderer implementation.

  • Updated the Travis CI matrix to cover more versions of Django and Python while reducing the total job count to speed up builds.

  • Made the default textarea used for editing the HTML plugin smaller.

  • Added documentation for the new reenter subrenderer hook.

  • Augmented the snippet plugin with a way to specify a template-specific plugin context callable.

0.27 (2019-01-15)

  • Fixed the CKEditor plugin script to resize the widget to fit the width of the content editor area.

  • Added configuration for easily running prettier and ESLint on the frontend code.

  • Dropped Python 2 compatibility, again. The first attempt was made almost 30 months ago.

  • Changed the subrenderer to use yielding instead of returning fragments.

0.26 (2018-11-22)

  • Removed tree fields when loading applications.

  • Stopped mentioning the AppsMixin in the reference documentation.

  • Fixed a few typos and converted more string quotes in the docs.

  • Changed the docs to use allow/deny instead of black/white.

  • Changed feincms3.plugins do not hide import errors from our own modules anymore (again).

  • Added a cloning functionality to copy the values of individual fields and also of the pages’ content onto other pages.

  • Fixed a problem where Snippet.__str__ would unexpectedly (for Django) return lazy strings.

  • Changed the type of RedirectMixin.redirect_to_page to TreeNodeForeignKey so that the hierarchy is shown in the dropdown.

  • Added more careful detection of chain redirects and improved the error messages a bit.

  • Made it clearer that AbstractPage.position’s value should probably be greater than zero. Thanks to Hannah Cushman for the contribution!

0.25 (2018-09-07)

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE Removed the imports of plugins into feincms3.plugins. Especially with the image plugins it could be non-obvious whether the plugin uses django-imagefield or django-versatileimagefield. Instead, the modules are imported so that classes and functions can be referenced using e.g. plugins.image.Image instead of plugins.Image as before.

  • Moved the documentation from autodoc to a more guide-oriented format.

  • Changed TemplatePluginRenderer.render_plugin_in_context to raise a specific PluginNotRegistered exception upon encountering unregistered plugins instead of a generic KeyError.

  • Made it possible to pass fixed strings (not callables) to TemplatePluginRenderer.register_string_renderer.

  • Added an incubator in feincms3.incubator for experimental modules with absolutely no compatibility guarantees.

  • Changed the TreeAdmin.move_view to return a redirect to the admin index page instead of a 404 for missing nodes (as the Django admin’s views also do since Django 1.11).

  • Fixed an edge case in apps_urlconf which would generate a few nonsensical URLs if no language is activated currently.

  • Made it an error to add redirects to a page which is already the target of a different redirect. Adding redirects to a page which itself already redirects was already an error.

0.24 (2018-08-25)

  • Fixed one use of removed API.

  • Fixed a bug where the move form “Save” button wasn’t shown with Django 2.1.

  • Made overriding the Regions type used in TemplatePluginRenderer less verbose.

  • Modified the documentation to produce several pages. Completed the guide for building your own CMS and added a section about customizing rendering using Regions subclasses.

0.23 (2018-07-30)

  • Switched the preferred quote to " and started using black to automatically format Python code.

Switched to a new library for recursive common table expressions

django-tree-queries supports more database engines, which means that the PostgreSQL-only days of feincms3 are gone.

Incompatible differences are few:

  • The attributes on page objects are named tree_depth and tree_path now instead of depth and cte_path. If you’re using WHERE clauses on your querysets change depth to __tree.tree_depth (or only tree_depth). Properties for backward compatibility have been added to the AbstractPage class, but of course those cannot be used in database queries.

  • django-tree-queries uses the correct definition of node depth where root nodes have a depth of 0, not 1.

  • django-tree-queries does not add the CTE by default to all queries, instead, users are expected to call .with_tree_fields() themselves if they want to use the CTE attributes. For the time being, the AbstractPageManager always returns querysets with tree fields.

0.22 (2018-05-04)

  • Fixed a problem in MoveForm where invalid move targets would crash because of missing form fields to attach the error to instead of showing the underlying problem.

  • Made it possible to override the list of apps processed in apps_urlconf.

  • Converted the apps middleware into a function, now named apps_middleware. The old name AppsMiddleware will stay available for some undefined time.

  • Made the path clash check less expensive by running less SQL queries.

  • Made page saving a bit less expensive by only saving descendants when is_active or path changed.

0.21 (2018-03-28)

  • Added a template tag for reverse_app.

  • (At least a bit) BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE Switched the preferred image field from django-versatileimagefield to django-imagefield. The transition should mostly require replacing versatileimagefield with imagefield in your settings etc., adding the appropriate IMAGEFIELD_FORMATS setting and running ./ process_imagefields once. Switch from feincms3[all] to feincms3[versatileimagefield] to stay with django-versatileimagefield for the moment.

0.20 (2018-03-21)

  • Changed render_list and render_detail to return TemplateResponse instances instead of pre-rendered instances to increase the shortcuts’ flexibility.

  • Factored the JSON fetching from oembed_html into a new oembed_json helper.

  • Added Django 2.0 to the Travis CI build (nothing had to be changed, 0.19 was already compatible)

  • Changed the TemplatePluginRenderer to also work when used standalone, not from inside a template.

  • Dropped compatibility with Django versions older than 1.11.

  • Changed AppsMixin.clean_fields to use _default_manager instead of _base_manager to search for already existing app instances.

  • Changed the page move view to suppress the “Save and add another” button with great force.

0.19 (2017-08-17)

The diff for this release is big, but there are almost no changes in functionality.

  • Minor documentation edits, added a form builder example app to the documentation.

  • Made reverse_fallback catch NoReverseMatch exceptions only, and fixed a related test which didn’t reverse anything at all.

  • Switch to tox for building docs, code style checking and local test running.

  • Made the forms.Media CSS a list, not a set.

0.18 (2017-05-10)

  • Slight improvements to TreeAdmin’s alignment of box drawing characters.

  • Allow overriding the outer namespace name used in feincms3.apps by setting the LANGUAGE_CODES_NAMESPACE class attribute of the pages class. The default value of language-codes has been changed to apps. Also, the outer instance namespaces of apps are now of the form <LANGUAGE_CODES_NAMESPACE>-<language_code> (example: apps-en for english), not only <language_code>. This makes namespace collisions less of a concern.

0.17.1 (2017-05-02)

  • Minor documentation edits.

  • Added the AncestorFilter for filtering the admin changelist by ancestor. The default setting is to allow filtering by the first two tree levels.

  • Switched from feincms-cleanse to html-sanitizer which allows configuring the allowed tags and attributes using a HTML_SANITIZERS setting.

0.16 (2017-04-24)

  • Fixed the releasing-via-PyPI configuration.

  • Removed strikethrough from our recommended rich text configuration, since feincms-cleanse would remove the tag anyway.

  • Made TemplatePluginRenderer.regions and the Regions class into documented API.

  • Made register_template_renderer’s context argument default to default_context instead of None, so please stop passing None and expecting the default context to work as before.

  • Before adding Python 2 compatibility, a few methods and functions had keyword-only arguments. Python 2-compatible keyword-only enforcement has been added back to make it straightforward to transition back to keyword-only arguments later.

0.15 (2017-04-05)

  • Dropped the is_descendant_of template tag. It was probably never used without include_self=True, and this particular use case is better covered by checking whether a given primary key is a member of page.cte_path.

  • Dropped the menu template tag, and with it also the group_by_tree filter. Its arguments were interpreted according to the long-gone django-mptt and it promoted bad database querying patterns.

  • Dropped the now-empty feincms3_pages template tag library.

  • Added a default manager implementing active() to AbstractPage.

0.14 (2017-03-14)

  • Removed Django from install_requires so that updating feincms3 without updating Django is easier.

  • Allowed overriding the Page queryset used in page_for_app_request (for example for adding select_related).

  • Moved validation logic in varous model mixins from clean() to clean_fields(exclude) to be able to attach errors to individual form fields (if they are available on the given form).

  • Added Django 1.11 to the build matrix on Travis CI.

  • Fixed an “interesting” bug where the TreeAdmin would crash with an AttributeError if no query has been run on the model before.

0.13 (2016-11-07)

  • Fixed oEmbed read timeouts to not crash but retry after 60 seconds instead.

  • Added the TemplatePluginRenderer.regions helper and the {% render_region %} template tag which support caching of plugins.

  • Disallowed empty static paths for pages. Page.get_absolute_url() fails with the recommended URL pattern when path equals ''.

  • Added flake8 and isort style checking.

  • Made the dependency on feincms-cleanse, requests and django-versatileimagefield less strong than before. Plugins depending on those apps simply will not be available in the feincms3.plugins namespace, but you have to be careful yourself to not import the actual modules yourself.

  • Added Django, django-content-editor and django-cte-forest to install_requires so that they are automatically installed, and added an extra with dependencies for all included plugins, so if you want that simply install feincms3[all].

0.12 (2016-10-23)

  • Made reverse_any mention all viewnames in the NoReverseMatch exception instead of bubbling the last viewname’s exception.

  • Added a RedirectMixin to feincms3.mixins for redirecting pages to other pages or arbitrary URLs.

  • Added a footgun plugin (raw HTML code).

  • Reinstate Python 2 compatibility because Python 2 still seems to be in wide use.

0.11 (2016-09-19)

  • Changed the implementation of the is_descendant_of template tag to not depend on django-mptt’s API anymore, and removed the compatibility shims from AbstractPage.

  • Made the documentation build again and added some documentation for the new feincms3.admin module.

  • Made TreeAdmin.move_view run transactions on the correct database in multi-DB setups.

  • Removed the unused NoCommitException class.

  • Fixed a crash in the MoveForm validation.

  • Made AppsMiddleware work with Django’s MIDDLEWARE setting.

  • Made the {% menu %} template tag not depend on a page variable in context.

0.10 (2016-09-13)

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE Switched from django-mptt to django-cte-forest which means that feincms3 is for the moment PostgreSQL-only. By switching we completely avoid the MPTT attribute corruption which plagued projects for years. The lft attribute is directly reusable as position, and should be renamed in a migration instead of created from scratch to avoid losing the ordering of nodes within a branch.

  • Added a feincms3.admin.TreeAdmin which shows the tree hierarchy and has facilities for moving nodes around.

  • Avoided a deprecation warning on Django 1.10 regarding django.core.urlresolvers.

  • Started rolling releases using Travis CI’s PyPI deployment provider.

  • Made {% is_descendant_of %} return False if either of the variables passed is no page instance instead of crashing.

0.9 (2016-08-17)

  • Dropped compatibility with Python 2.

  • Fixed to actually detect page moves correctly again. Calling save() in a transaction was a bad idea because it messed with MPTT’s bookkeeping information. Depending on the transaction isolation level going back to a clean slate after clean() proved much harder than expected.

0.8 (2016-08-05)

  • Added feincms3.apps.reverse_fallback to streamline reversing with fallback values in case of crashes.

  • The default template renderer context (TemplatePluginRenderer.register_template_renderer) contains now the plugin instance as plugin instead of nothing.

  • Make django-mptt-nomagic a required dependency, by depending on the fact that nomagic always calls (django-mptt does not do that when nodes are moved using TreeManager.node_move, which is used in the draggable mptt admin interface. Use a node_moved signal listener which calls save() if the node_moved call includes a position keyword argument if you can’t switch to django-mptt-nomagic for some reason.

0.7 (2016-07-21)

  • Removed all dependencies from install_requires to make it easier to replace individual items.

  • Enabled the use of i18n_patterns in ROOT_URLCONF by importing and adding the urlpatterns contained instead of include()-ing the module in apps_urlconf.

  • Modified the cleansing configuration to allow empty <a> tags (mostly useful for internal anchors).

  • Fixed crash when adding a page with a path that exists already (when not using a statich path).

0.6 (2016-07-11)

  • Updated the translation files.

  • Fixed crashes when path of pages would not be unique when moving subtrees.

0.5 (2016-07-07)

  • Fixed a crash where apps without required_fields could not be saved.

  • Added a template snippet based renderer for plugins.

  • Prevented adding the exact same application (that is, the same app_instance_namespace) more than once.

0.4 (2016-07-04)

  • Made application instances (feincms3.apps) more flexible by allowing programmatically generated instance namespace specifiers.

0.3 (2016-07-02)

  • Lots of work on the documentation.

  • Moved all signal receivers into their classes as staticmethods.

  • Fixed a crash on an attempted save of an External plugin instance with an empty URL.

  • Added an incomplete testsuite, and add the Travis CI badge to the README.

  • Removed the requirement of passing a context to render_list and render_detail.

0.2 (2016-06-28)

  • The external plugin admin form now checks whether the URL can be embedded using OEmbed or not.

  • Added the plugin_ckeditor.js file required for the rich text editor.

  • Added a SnippetInline for consistency.

  • Ensured that choice fields have a get_*_display method by setting dummy choices in advance (menus, snippets and templates).

  • Added automatically built documentation on

0.1 (2016-06-25)

  • Plugins (apps, external, richtext, snippet and versatileimage) for use with django-content-editor.

  • HTML editing and cleansing using django-ckeditor and feincms-cleanse.

  • Shortcuts (render_list and render_detail – the most useful parts of Django’s class based generic views)

  • An abstract page base model building on django-mptt with mixins for handling templates, menus and language codes.

  • Template tags for fetching and grouping menu entries inside templates.

  • A german translation.