The feincms3.mixins.RedirectMixin allows redirecting pages to other pages or arbitrary URLs. Inheriting the mixin adds two fields, the char field redirect_to_url and the self-referencing foreign key redirect_to_page:

from feincms3.mixins import RedirectMixin
from feincms3.pages import AbstractPage

class Page(RedirectMixin, AbstractPage):

At most one of redirect_to_url or redirect_to_page may be set, never both at the same time. The actual redirecting is not provided. This has to be implemented in the page view:

from django.shortcuts import redirect

def page_detail(request, path):
    page = ...
    if page.redirect_to_url or page.redirect_to_page:
        return redirect(page.redirect_to_url or page.redirect_to_page)
    # Default rendering continues here.