Utils (feincms3.utils)


The utils module is meant purely for feincms3’s internal use. Utilities may be added and removed without prior warning and without a deprecation period.

If you depend on some functionality from this module copy the code into your project (according to the very permissive license of course).


Returns the first concrete model found when iterating subclasses in a depth-first fashion.


Yields the passed class and all its subclasses in depth-first order.


Only allows count positional arguments to the decorated callable

Will be removed as soon as we drop support for Python 2.

Can also be used for methods; in this case self also counts as a positional argument.

feincms3.utils.validation_error(error, field, exclude, **kwargs)[source]

Return a validation error that is associated with a particular field if it isn’t excluded from validation.

See https://github.com/django/django/commit/e8c056c31 for some background.