This isn’t a Jazzband project, but by contributing you agree to abide to the same Contributor Code of Conduct as if it was one.

Bug reports and feature requests

You can report bugs and request features in the bug tracker.


The code is available on GitHub.

To work on the code I strongly recommend installing tox. I use tox as a glorified virtualenv-builder and task runner for local development.

Available tasks are:

  • tox -e style: Reformats the code using black and runs flake8.

  • tox -e docs: Builds the HTML docs into build/docs/html/

  • tox -e py??-dj?': Runs tests using combinations of Python and Django. See tox -l for all available combinations.

Both testing tasks also generate HTML-based code coverage output into the htmlcov/ folder.


Python code for the feincms3 project may be automatically formatted and checked using tox -e style. The coding style is also checked when building pull requests using Github actions.

Patches and translations

Please submit pull requests!

I am not using a centralized tool for translations right now, I’ll happily accept them as a patch too.

Mailing list

If you wish to discuss a topic, please open an issue on Github. Alternatively, the django-feincms Google Group may also be used for discussing this project.