Version 5.2

feincms3 offers tools and building blocks which make building a CMS that is versatile, powerful and tailor-made at the same time for each project a reachable reality.

It builds on other powerful tools such as Django itself and its excellent standard admin interface, django-content-editor to allow creating and editing structured content and django-tree-queries for querying hierarchical data such as page trees.

The tools can be used for a page CMS, but also work well for other types of content such as news magazines or API backends for mobile apps.

First steps

Start here if you want to know what feincms3 is and build your first CMS based on feincms3.


These guides discuss key concepts and show how to approach common tasks. They do not have to be read in order and in general only build on the knowledge imparted in Build your CMS.

Languages and sites

Embedding apps

feincms3 allows content managers to freely place pre-defined applications in the page tree. Examples for apps include forms, or a news app with archives, detail pages etc.

The apps documentation is meant to be read in order.