Source code for feincms3.plugins.html

Plugin providing a simple textarea where raw HTML, CSS and JS code can be

Most useful for people wanting to shoot themselves in the foot.

from content_editor.admin import ContentEditorInline
from django import forms
from django.db import models
from django.utils.html import format_html, mark_safe
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

__all__ = ("HTML", "HTMLInline", "render_html")

[docs] class HTML(models.Model): """ Raw HTML plugin """ html = models.TextField( "HTML", help_text=_( "The content will be inserted directly into the page." " It is VERY important that the HTML snippet is well-formed!" ), ) class Meta: abstract = True verbose_name = "HTML" verbose_name_plural = "HTML" def __str__(self): return ""
[docs] class HTMLInline(ContentEditorInline): """ Just available for consistency, absolutely no difference to a standard ``ContentEditorInline``. """ formfield_overrides = { models.TextField: { "widget": forms.Textarea( attrs={"rows": 3, "cols": 40, "class": "vLargeTextField"} ) } } button = '<span class="material-icons">code</span>'
[docs] def get_fieldsets(self, request, obj=None): fieldsets = super().get_fieldsets(request, obj=obj) fieldsets[0][1]["description"] = format_html( "<strong><big>{}</big></strong>", _( "Please note that the HTML must be well formed. It's your responsibility to ensure that nothing breaks now or in the future when using this plugin." ), ) return fieldsets
[docs] def render_html(plugin, context=None, **kwargs): """ Return the HTML code as safe string so that it is not escaped. Of course the contents are not guaranteed to be safe at all """ return mark_safe(plugin.html)