Source code for feincms3.plugins.richtext

from content_editor.admin import ContentEditorInline
from django.db import models
from django.utils.html import mark_safe
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

from feincms3.inline_ckeditor import InlineCKEditorField

__all__ = ("RichText", "RichTextInline", "render_richtext")

[docs] class RichText(models.Model): """ Rich text plugin. :class:`feincms3.inline_ckeditor.InlineCKEditorField` does all the heavy lifting. """ text = InlineCKEditorField(_("text")) class Meta: abstract = True verbose_name = _("rich text") verbose_name_plural = _("rich texts") def __str__(self): return self.get_text_excerpt()
[docs] class RichTextInline(ContentEditorInline): button = '<span class="material-icons">notes</span>'
[docs] def render_richtext(plugin, context=None, **kwargs): """ Return the text of the rich text plugin as a safe string (``mark_safe``) """ return mark_safe(plugin.text)