Source code for feincms3.plugins.snippet

Plugin for including template snippets through the CMS

from collections import defaultdict

from content_editor.admin import ContentEditorInline
from django.db import models
from django.db.models import signals
from django.template.base import Template
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

from feincms3.mixins import ChoicesCharField
from feincms3.renderer import render_in_context

__all__ = ("Snippet", "SnippetInline", "render_snippet")

[docs] def render_snippet(plugin, context=None, **kwargs): """ Renders the selected template using ``render_to_string`` """ return render_to_string(plugin.template_name, {"plugin": plugin})
[docs] class Snippet(models.Model): """ Template snippet plugin """ template_name = ChoicesCharField(_("template"), max_length=100) class Meta: abstract = True verbose_name = _("predefined snippet") verbose_name_plural = _("predefined snippets") def __str__(self): return self.get_template_name_display()
[docs] @staticmethod def fill_template_name_choices(sender, **kwargs): """ Fills in the choices for ``template_name`` from the ``TEMPLATES`` class variable. This method is a receiver of Django's ``class_prepared`` signal. """ if issubclass(sender, Snippet) and not sender._meta.abstract: sender._meta.get_field("template_name").choices = [ choice[:2] for choice in sender.TEMPLATES ]
[docs] @classmethod def register_with(cls, renderer, **kwargs): """ This helper registers the snippet plugin with a ``TemplatePluginRenderer`` while adding support for template-specific context functions. The templates specified using the ``TEMPLATES`` class variable may contain a callable which receives the plugin instance and the template context and returns a context dictionary. """ from feincms3.renderer import default_context templates = defaultdict( lambda: Template(""), ((row[0], row[0]) for row in cls.TEMPLATES), ) context_fns = defaultdict( lambda: default_context, [(row[0], row[2]) for row in cls.TEMPLATES if len(row) > 2], ) def _render_snippet(plugin, context): return render_in_context( context, templates[plugin.template_name], context_fns[plugin.template_name](plugin, context), ) renderer.register(cls, _render_snippet, **kwargs)
[docs] class SnippetInline(ContentEditorInline): """ Snippet inline does nothing special, it simply exists for consistency with the other feincms3 plugins """ button = '<span class="material-icons">smart_toy</span>'